HT – Portable Meter

Oil in Water Measurement

Leveraging decades of innovation experience in the Oil & Gas industry, Inov8 Systems have developed the most sophisticated Portable Oil in Water measurement device available today

The HT Portable Meter is a handheld oil in water analyser that provides a convenient measurement solution to the Oil and Gas industry for produced water measurement.

The all-in-one Hand Held Portable & Benchtop Device offers full real time Spectrometry for measurement and analysis and continuous real-time measurements with Immediate results.

It has a flexible, Durable Probe for Measurement, Data Logging and Graphical Representation and results can be correlated to official lab methods (USEPA 1664A and ISO 9377-1)

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Inov8 Systems is proud to introduce the HT405P and HT280P Portable Meters for Oil in Water Measurement, a culmination of decades of innovation experience in the Oil & Gas industry. These cutting-edge handheld devices have been meticulously crafted to offer the most sophisticated and reliable solution for hydrocarbon measurement available today.

Designed with customer-inspired innovation at its core, the HT405P and HT280P are equipped to meet the unique challenges of the Oil & Gas sector. These devices stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to serve industry needs more effectively.

At the heart of the HT405P/HT280P’s features is their remarkable versatility. Operating as both a handheld device and a portable benchtop unit, these tools seamlessly transition between field and laboratory environments. This adaptability ensures uninterrupted measurement capabilities regardless of the setting.

An embedded rechargeable battery guarantees continuous operation, making the devices ideal for remote or on-site measurement tasks. The integrated 10.1″ touchscreen color display offers an immersive user experience, providing a platform for intuitive navigation and real-time data visualization.

Operated on a Linux-based PC platform, the HT405P/HT280P delivers not only stability but also efficiency, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. With a simple and intuitive interface, setup and control become effortless, enabling users to configure the devices according to their specific measurement needs.

Equipped with a flexible and durable probe, the HT405P/HT280P ensures accurate measurements even in challenging environments, enhancing the reliability of the collected data. The integration of a full-scale spectrometer for measurement sets these devices apart, enabling comprehensive spectral range analysis and elevating the accuracy of measurements.

The ability to provide immediate results through continuous real-time measurements empowers users to make informed decisions on the spot. Hydrocarbon measurements include substances like Crude Oil, Gas Condensate, PAH’s, Phenol’s, and lubricants, making the devices compatible with diverse industry requirements.

Furthermore, the results generated can be correlated with official lab methods such as USEPA 1664B and ISO 9377-1, adding a layer of confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the measurements.

Inov8 Systems’ commitment to quality is underscored by the standard 12-month warranty offered with the HT405P/HT280P, providing assurance of our dedication to customer satisfaction and support.

The HT405P and HT280P Portable Meters from Inov8 Systems represent a new era in Oil in Water Measurement. With their sophisticated features, adaptability, and real-time capabilities, these devices redefine hydrocarbon measurement for the Oil & Gas industry. Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the HT405P and HT280P deliver accuracy, efficiency, and informed decision-making.

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