Produced Water Measurement for the Oil & Gas Industry

Within the oil and gas industry (production facilities, tank farms and refineries etc) there is a requirement for the monitoring of the hydrocarbon content of water. Reliable measurements are ensured, despite dirty processes, to support/facilitate compliance and process optimisation.

Online Oil in Water Monitor Challenges

Produced water processes in oil and gas production facilities are an extremely challenging environment for online oil in water monitors. During oil production the process involves the use of many chemicals that can cause problems for fluorescence based systems, such as fouling of optical windows, interfering chemicals etc.

Produced Water Measurement Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Inov8 Systems have developed a series of very robust and flexible solutions that can handle such challenges. The use of varying types of installation options (probe or bypass system) provides the flexibility to install the correct system for each application. While the use of RapidWave Ultrasonics not only keeps the measurement window clean but also prevents premature damage on the window caused by conventional ultrasonic cleaning. Availability of different light sources means that the analyser can be matched to the specific oil type to be detected, and automatic calibration matching can be used when different oil types may be present at different times

For Efficiency & Risk Elimination

Introducing the world’s most advanced oil in water analyzers for all oil and gas application with integrated core technologies that guarantee precision, accurate data and intelligent control. In supporting customers in meeting the discharge limits and optimising the process efficiency our Controllers are deployed globally, remotely monitoring 24/7 and protecting your environment.

Inov8 provide a comprehensive support package for customers that includes pre-project engineering to commissioning and maintenance.



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