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Traditional single point (fixed range) measurement is fine if process conditions are perfectly static, but unfortunately, they are not. In real world applications the fluctuation of the process and water composition requires a dynamic measurement technique.

Adaptive Spectroscopic Analysis for Water Monitoring

Inov8 Systems have developed adaptive spectroscopic analysis that utilises multi-wavelength excitation options, extending from the U.V. to visible regions, coupled with broad spectrum real-time time fluorescence detection to adapt to process fluctuations and so provide more accurate and responsive systems.

The adaptive technology provides customers with a major improvement over traditional single wavelength region (fixed range) spectral measurement systems, in which the measurements can be compromised by variations in the process conditions.  With the multiple wavelength options, Inov8 systems can be tailored to your application to ensure optimised measurement. Similarly, the adaptive broad-spectrum analysis allows the measurement system to respond to fluctuations in the fluorescence spectra caused by changes in the process parameters to maintain the measurement validity.

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