PAH Monitoring on Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Onboard Ships

The requirements for washwater monitoring and discharge criteria have been published by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) in the Guidelines for EGCSs (Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems) – Resolution MEPC. 259(68). Measurement of PAH (Poly Cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) is provided with our enhanced UV option on our GPP and GPS products. In addition, the option to also measure turbidity, pH and temperature in a single instrument will soon be released, and will provide clear benefits to clients who prefer to use a single monitor to capture all necessary parameters.

For Capturing all Necessary Parameters

Introducing the world’s most advanced oil in water analyzers for scrubber water monitoring with integrated core technologies that guarantee precision, accurate data and intelligent control. In supporting customers in meeting the discharge limits, our Controllers are deployed globally, remotely monitoring 24/7 and protecting your environment.

Inov8 provide a comprehensive support package for customers that includes pre-project engineering to commissioning and maintenance.



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The Worlds most advanced oil in water analysers, providing the most effective contaminated discharge protection

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