PAH Monitoring on Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Onboard Ships

Monitoring and controlling the discharge of washwater from exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCSs) onboard ships is of paramount importance to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has published guidelines, specifically Resolution MEPC. 259(68), that outline the requirements for EGCSs and set criteria for washwater monitoring and discharge.

Measurement of Poly Cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs):

Inov8 Systems offers advanced monitoring solutions for PAHs, which are a group of organic compounds that can be present in the washwater of EGCSs. Inov8’s GPP and GPS products feature an enhanced UV option that enables the measurement of PAHs with high accuracy. This capability allows ship operators to monitor PAH levels in washwater and ensure compliance with specified criteria.

Inov8 Systems will soon be releasing an option that enables the simultaneous measurement of turbidity, pH, and temperature in a single instrument. This capability provides clear benefits to clients who prefer a comprehensive approach, allowing them to capture all necessary parameters with a single monitor. By consolidating multiple measurements into one instrument, ship operators can streamline their monitoring processes and enhance efficiency.

For Capturing all Necessary Parameters

Introducing the world’s most advanced oil in water analyzers specifically designed for scrubber water monitoring applications. Inov8’s analyzers incorporate cutting-edge core technologies that ensure precise and accurate data, along with intelligent control features. These advanced analyzers are instrumental in supporting ship operators in meeting the discharge limits and environmental regulations governing the operation of EGCSs. Inov8’s Controllers, deployed globally, provide continuous remote monitoring 24/7, ensuring compliance and protecting the marine environment.

Inov8 Systems is committed to providing a comprehensive support package for its customers. The package encompasses all stages of the project, starting from pre-project engineering, where Inov8’s experts collaborate closely with clients to design tailored monitoring solutions. From commissioning to ongoing maintenance, Inov8 Systems offers comprehensive support to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the monitoring systems. Regular maintenance, calibration checks, and performance optimization are included to guarantee accurate and reliable data for monitoring and compliance.

With Inov8 Systems’ advanced oil in water analyzers and comprehensive support package, ship operators can effectively monitor and control PAH levels in scrubber washwater, meeting the requirements of environmental regulations. Contact Inov8 Systems today to learn more about their industry-leading analyzers and how they can assist in ensuring compliance while safeguarding the marine environment.



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