Rapid Wave Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic cleaning is a common method for automated cleaning of many devices, including fluorescence-based oil in water monitors. The method is reasonably successful, however there are still some challenges that exist with such methods which Inov8 have addressed :
  • Heavy fouling applications – In applications where fouling is rapid standard ultrasonics are unable to keep the measurement window clean.
  • Damage to window – Ultrasonic activity causes the optical window to become etched over time and will eventually become unusable.
  • Pulse rate is critical – The cleaning efficacy is directly related to the number of pulses.

Rapid Wave Ultrasonics for Efficient Cleaning

The ability of RapidWave Ultrasonics to deliver rapid/short pulses in a short time period allows Inov8 analysers to remain clean, even in the most extreme environments, and mitigates the risk of damaging the optical window and extending the life by up to a factor of 20.

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