Inov8 create Bespoke Probe for customer

A customer ordered an EXP-1 (inline probe) to be installed on a 36” diameter pipe to measure oil content in a produced water stream. Prior to delivery the customer contacted Inov8 with a couple of issues involving the installation:

  • The probe was to be installed vertically on top of the pipe which was at a height of 2m from the ground meaning they would be unable to see the screen without climbing on top of the pipe.
  • The pipe would normally be less than half full, the probe tip was designed to sit in the middle of the pipe, meaning that the tip would not be in the water when the pipe was below half full.

Despite the probe being fully constructed Inov8 were able to respond. To ensure the probe was in the correct part of the pipe the insertion depth was increased by moving the adjustable flange so that the probe would extend further into the pipe, thereby providing representative measurements.

Our engineers also put a 90 deg bend in the probe allowing the screen to be seen without having to go on top of the pipe. All the work was done in time to meet the previously agreed delivery date.