TDW-EX Controller

Intelligent Tank Dewatering probe

The TDW-EX Controller is a dewatering probe that provides unmatched detection sensitivity and accuracy.

Traditional interface probes detect “water-in-oil” and have a minimum detection sensitivity of 1% (10,000ppm) oil in water. The TDW-EX measures oil concentrations lower than 0.0001% (1ppm), this facilitates the earliest possible detection of the oil in water interface. This empowers production operators to set the dewatering target to oil in water levels that do not require secondary cleaning processes. This super low level of detection is facilitated by using fluorescence as a detection technique. 

Also unlike traditional interface detection probes, the TDW-EX requires no cleaning, calibration or routine maintenance.  The RapidWave Ultrasonic Cleaning and Laser Induced Fluorescence, combined with the small footprint and robust design make it an ideal solution for applications where long periods between service/maintenance intervals are a necessity.

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Worlds Most Sensitive interface Detection Probe. Maximising control of the Tank Dewatering Process

Leveraging decades of innovation experience creating instrumentation, we have developed an intelligent probe tailored for effective and reliable tank dewatering.

The major Advantages of the TDW-EX are

  • Programable super sensitivity, detecting a minimum oil concentration in water lower than 0.0001% (<1ppm) oil in water, vastly more sensitive than tradional interface sensors which have a minimum detection of typically >1% (10,000ppm) oil in water. This very low level of sensitivity empowers the user to have unparalleled control of the dewatering process.

  • Self Cleaning, eraducating the need for regular maintenance or calibration.

  • Fast, continuous measurement every 1 second.

  • Each Probe can measure and control valves independantly, or working with other probes.

  • The probe does not require any other ancilliaries or enclosures, it contains everything to perform its functioanality, Power Supples, Sensor, controll

    inteligence, comms etc.

TDW-EX – Automatic Dual Probe Tank Dewatering Solution

Valve control switch level is programable from 0.0001% to 1% (1ppm to 10,000ppm) Oil in water

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