New Lab Versions of Highly Successful Online Oil-in-Water Analysers Introduced

The HT405P and HT280P are the most recent product developments from Inov8 Systems Ltd and are the latest version of the highly successful online range of online oil-in-water analysers. The purpose of the HT range is to provide users with a quick and accurate measurement check for oil content in water without the need to use any time-consuming solvent extraction techniques.

The measurement technique incorporated is laser-induced fluorescence or Deep UV Fluorescence, depending on the target oil type to be detected. Once the device is calibrated, a sample of oily water is placed in the measuring chamber. A probe is then placed into the chamber and the measurement is taken within seconds.

The HT405P uses a 405nm light source and is ideal for use in measuring crude oil in water and is normally considered for produced water applications, either on oil production sites or oil storage and refining locations. The HT280P employs a Deep UV light source and is for use in measuring lighter oils in water, such as refined oils, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic oils and gas condensates, and so can be considered for a variety of locations, such as general industrial, power stations, re-fuelling depots etc.

Experience over many years of using fluorescence measurement techniques has shown that a spectrometer is essential for oil content measurement. Traditional fluorescence-based analysers measure on a single wavelength, whereas the HT405P and HT280P analysers can provide a full spectral analysis, such capability provides several necessary benefits:

The new reliable and precise devices eliminate chemical interference that occurs in 99% of applications. They provide a detection method that offers the ability to switch calibration depending on water content so when different oil types come onstream or different chemicals are introduced, the analyser will select the correct calibration curve. These instruments also verify that they are making precise readings.

Additional benefits include storage capacity for saving measurements that can be referred to as and when required, and these devices are Wi-Fi enabled for remote access if required for software updates or troubleshooting. The touchscreen interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.