Inspired solutions for the
Oil and Gas Industry


A proven track record of product development that empowers innovative technology based solutions.


INOV8 is currently collaborating with clients to develop a range of systems to be commercially available early 2017

Continous Revolution
In the field

Fresh Thinking for Your Organisation

By listening to our customers we develop the best, most effective solutions and pride ourselves on being able to see things from the customers point of view. We analyse customer requirements and ambitions as well as the market and technology landscape and develop technological and business approaches to allow customers to meet the market and technological challenges and opportunities.


Reviewing the market and technology developments and trends in the customers area of operation and generating future technological and business visions that can be used to identify the optimum future direction for the customer.


Intellectual Property Strategy

Reviewing the clients business and technology needs and objectives and testing these against market trends to develop a focused strategy for securing, managing and deriving value from intellectual property.

Portfolio Development

Developing a plan to deliver the best portfolio of research and development projects that will match the customers resources and strategic objectives within an overall innovation roadmap.

Implementation Strategy

An appropriate and well managed strategy to acquire and commercialise new technologies is an essential component of an innovative process. We are able to assess customer capabilities and advise on effective development mechanisms.

ENGINeERING EXCELLENCE for for real-time Control

INOV8 Systems create next generation, industry leading technologies to meet emerging industrial challenges

Driving business frontiers in a rigorous industry often requires novel exciting solutions, Inov8 Systems was created to rapidly overcome and deliver such solutions efficiently.


Inov8 personnel have extensive experience in driving technologies for a range of sectors including:

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Offshore and Onshore
  • Subsea
  • Refineries
  • Terminals
  • Pipe lines

Technical REliAbility & Expertise